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Navigating Excellence: Waterfront Properties Taking Luxury Real Estate To The National Arena 

Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, a renowned luxury real estate firm in Southeastern Florida, teamed up with Lion & Orb to expand its presence nationally.

The Goal

Waterfront Properties and Club Communities wished to get their brand and listings in the national conversation, and increase visibility within the luxury real estate sector while they continued to drive business growth.


The Solution

L&O and Waterfront Properties embarked on a collaborative journey, crafting a PR strategy to elevate the brand in two key areas:

Publicity (social proof): Crafting compelling stories and narratives that resonate with national publications.

Awards: Identifying awards that communicate the company's values and commitment to their community to the media.

Strategic Partnerships: Identifying technology partners that support growth.

Key components of our PR strategy include messaging and storytelling, editorial campaigns, award submissions, and live events.


The campaigns have yielded impressive outcomes with Waterfront Properties being featured in 11 articles, reaching a combined audience of 255 million. These articles engaged 867,000 readers. These achievements coincided with substantial business growth, reflected in increased demos, sign-ups, and implementations, with an impressive Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of $320k.


"I have had a phenomenal experience with Lion & Orb. They’ve helped us get our listings in front of millions of people at a fraction of the cost of advertising, coming from a much more trusted source."
-Rob Thomson

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