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Transforming Dreams into Headlines: Mosaik's Journey with Lion & Orb 

Mosaik, an innovative platform for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages faced the challenge of standing out in a crowded market as a new entrant. The company sought to increase its visibility in the media, establish social proof, and engage with key industry influencers. This case study explores how Lion & Orb (L&O) partnered with Mosaik to transform its PR strategy and achieve remarkable results.


The Goal

Mosaik aspired to establish its PR presence, secure recognition from influential industry figures, amplify visibility within real estate, drive substantial business growth, all while maintaining a cost-efficient approach.


The Solution

L&O and Mosaik collaborated to develop a comprehensive PR strategy that focused on three key areas:

Publicity (social proof): Crafting compelling messages and narratives that resonate with journalists and publishers.

Public Speaking and Awards/Reviews: Identifying speaking opportunities and awards to enhance Mosaik's visibility.

Business Development: Setting up demos and strategic partnerships to support growth.

Key components of the PR strategy included messaging and storytelling, editorial campaigns, thought leadership initiatives, influencer outreach, and media engagement.


The campaigns have yielded impressive outcomes, including Mosaik being featured in 10 articles, reaching a combined audience of 230 million with 473,000 readers. The successful launch was marked by a glowing 5-star review from Craig Rowe at Inman News and a featured speaker at Awesome Females in Real Estate (AFIRE). These achievements coincided with substantial business growth, reflected in increased demos, sign-ups, and implementations, with an impressive Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of $175k.


"Until we met the Lion & Orb team, we had no PR activity, media coverage, or idea of what to do on that front. Within weeks of working together, they had not only formulated and started executing on a comprehensive strategy, but were also getting us in front of some of the most well-known media publications in the industry. They’ve helped us make tremendous strides in just a few months and continue to bring new ideas to the table to help us grow. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help us on this journey, and we owe a lot of our wins so far to them. Thank you again, Lion & Orb! You were the missing piece that has made a great team the dream team!"
-Sheila Reddy

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