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Luxury Presence, Achieves Breakthroughs in Innovation and PR Success with Lion & Orb

Luxury Presence, a rapidly growing real estate technology firm, is at the forefront of reshaping the industry and redefining the potential of technology for real estate professionals. In the past year, they've introduced a series of innovative products and solutions in a consistent manner. To maintain this pace of high-quality development, the company also recognized the importance of increasing its media visibility, building social proof, and engaging with key industry influencers. This case study delves into the collaboration between Luxury Presence and Lion & Orb, revealing how this partnership transformed their PR strategy and led to outstanding results. Lion & Orb enhance its product launch capabilities and elevate its profile in the market. L&O successfully reached a wider audience and generated significant engagements.

The Goal

The company aspires to establish a robust PR presence, attain recognition from key industry players, increase visibility in the real estate sector, and achieve substantial business growth, all while adhering to a cost-efficient strategy.



The Solution

Lion & Orb and Luxury Presence forged a collaborative partnership to construct an all-encompassing PR strategy, focused on key areas:

Publicity and Social Proof: Formulating captivating narratives and messages that strike a chord with journalists and publishers, thereby reinforcing the company's reputation and credibility.

Elevated Public Speaking Engagements and Awards/Reviews: Identifying prime opportunities for public speaking engagements and awards recognition to amplify Luxury Presence's visibility within the industry.

Strategic Business Development: Facilitating product demonstrations and forging strategic partnerships to drive and sustain business growth.

This PR strategy incorporated key elements such as message development and storytelling, editorial campaigns, thought leadership initiatives, influencer outreach, and proactive engagement with the media.


The strategic campaigns have delivered remarkable results for Luxury Presence, culminating in the company's feature in 30 high-impact articles. This extensive media coverage has allowed Luxury Presence to reach an impressive combined audience of 250 million individuals, attracting the attention of 362,000 engaged readers.


These significant achievements have been seamlessly aligned with the company's sustained business growth. Demonstrated by the upsurge in product demonstrations, user sign-ups, and successful implementations, Luxury Presence's expanding presence in the market has been further substantiated by an exceptional Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE), underscoring the substantial impact of their PR efforts.


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