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Happy Grasshopper Leaps Ahead in Real Estate Engagement Takes Flight with Lion & Orb


Happy Grasshopper is an email marketing solution for the Real Estate Industry where these professionals nurture connections and build relationships with the people in their database. Lion & Orb (L&O) enhance its product launch capabilities and elevate its profile in the market. By leveraging Happy Grasshopper's expertise in email marketing and communication strategies, L&O successfully reached a wider audience and generated significant engagements.


The Goal

Leveraging the PR presence to enhance their brand reputation and credibility, gain recognition from industry influencers, and increase visibility in the real estate community, with a focus on effective communication, engaging their target audience, and building positive relationships with media and customers. This strategy aims to establish a powerful and enduring market presence, leading to Happy Grasshoppers business growth and success.


The Solution

L&O and Happy Grasshopper initiated to be partnered for thorough PR strategy with the goal of enhancing the brand's presence in three significant areas:


Publicity (Social Validation): Creating captivating narratives and stories that strike a chord with national publications.

Recognition: Discovering privilege/awards that effectively convey the company's principles and dedication to their community to the media.

Strategic Partnerships: Identifying technology partners that support growth.


The essential elements of the PR strategy comprised message crafting and narrative development, editorial endeavors, endeavors in thought leadership, conducting influencer outreach, and active engagement with various media outlets.


The campaigns have yielded impressive outcomes with Happy Grasshopper being featured in 34 articles, reaching a combined audience of 5.09 million. These achievements coincided with substantial business growth, reflected in increased demos, sign-ups, and implementations, with an impressive Advertising Value Equivalent.


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